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Sussex HR: Payroll services and auto enrolment experts

Sussex HR – the experts in outsourced payroll servicesRunning a payroll is complex and time consuming.

You must make sure new employees are set up correctly. You need to provide the right information to HM Revenue and Customs. You have to deal with employees’ changes of circumstances, keep on top of end of year tasks and administer deductions correctly. It can feel overwhelming.  And on top of all that, you now have automatic pension scheme enrolment to contend with!

With Sussex HR’s support you can be sure your:

  • New employee systems are set up correctly
  • New staff members are enrolled on your pension scheme
  • NI and PAYE and pension contributions are calculated correctly
  • HM Revenue and Customs has the right information at the right time
  • Your employee changes of circumstances are dealt with
  • Your end of year tasks, paperwork and deductions are completed correctly AND on time.

Why use an outsourced payroll service?

Think of the convenience of having someone else deal with this critical aspect of running your business. Payroll administration and auto enrolment can take up a significant amount of your time which could be better spent elsewhere.

Consider the consequences of getting it wrong. Your employees need their wages or salaries paid correctly and on time. An underpayment could lead to an employee not making their mortgage payments that month. An overpayment could lead to a lengthy and difficult time recovering the money. Either way, it creates bad feeling and causes a lot of hassle.

Use Sussex HR’s payroll and automatic enrolment services and you get the reassurance of having your payroll taken care of by experts.  Our experienced team can help you whether you need a weekly or monthly payroll – or both.

Call now on 0800 074 1066 or to find out more about our competitively priced payroll services.

Payroll outsourcing for businesses of all sizes

It doesn’t matter what size company you are – even if you just employ one person. Sussex HR’s team manage payrolls for a broad range of businesses in many different sectors. You’ll get a bespoke, reliable and of course highly confidential service for your business. You can use Sussex HR’s payroll services on their own or as part of a broader HR support package – whatever you need.

Using outsourced payroll services couldn’t be more convenient. Running your payroll can be done remotely. Timesheets and payslips are sent via email. We’ll make all necessary payments and deal with all reporting requirements. And of course we can save you more time by dealing with any queries or issues that arise.

Whether you are an established or new business, find out how our flexible, friendly and personal outsourced payroll services can help you. Call now on 0800 074 1066 or contact .

Meet one of our team members ...
Lynda Goncalves, Principal HR Business Partner

Lynda Goncalves is Sussex HR’s Principal Consultant. A member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, she has developed her HR expertise across a wide range of organisations. Working within both the public and private sectors has given Lynda a comprehensive understanding of HR practices and issues. Her clear-headed, sensitive and focused approach has consistently delivered results, even in such challenging areas as trade union negotiations, and helping to deliver strategic and procedural change.

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